Monday, May 10, 2010

New Blog Design

Just a quick post introducing my new blog design.  I actually did this myself with a little help from Shabby Miss Jenn incredible site on the web for blog design kits and digital scrapbooking kits.  I actually used both in doing this blog.  The blog design kit is called "Posies" and the digital scrapbooking kit is called "Summer Posies" which I have pictured below. 

What I like about the blog kits to start with is that they provide the header banners - ready for customization like I did here.  However, you usually don't get all the unique complimentary letters nor as many do-dads to embellish or the selection of background papers.  That's where the digital scrapbook kits are wonderful. 

For my blog, I used the red polkadot paper and embellished with the green ric-rac and the cherries do-dad from the scrapbook kit and created the blog background in my photoshop program.  For the blog header, I used the non-photo header provided in the blog design kit and embellished it with the polkadot letters from the scrapbook kit.

I am by no means an expert on this - blog codes or photoshop - but there is a wealth of info on the web and the instructions in the blog kit by Shabby Miss Jen are clear and understandable.  So even a novice can do it.

Stop by and take a look at the Shabby Miss Jen Designs shop - your mouth will water with all the goodies you'll find there.  And, you can find a link to Miss Jen's blog where she showcases so many beautiful samples of her scrapbook kits and blog designs in use.

Leave me a comment on what you think - and thanks for stopping by!


Heide said...

I Love, Love Love THIS! I love the cherries, colors, ric rack. I love it all! Absolutely adorable!

Heide said...

Oh..... the header is Fab too!

SHELLY said...

WOW!So inviting!I'm all over the place -Beautifully done!

Emma F said...

I'm amazed how professional this looks, and I think you're being a little bit modest because there's no way you should call yourself a novice! This is just wonderfully 'shabby chic' and all the doo dads are fabulous!

Dawn B. said...

LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE this.. I also agree with Emma that you are not giving yourself a huge pat on the back because I have tried this many times and it is not easy.. Your blog is one of the best I have seen.. It is my kinda blog.. Great job..